Little Shop of Horrors next door in Sharon

Told you I’d keep you posted as to the shows up at TriArts Playhouse in Sharon not far from Hilltop House BnB. The August show is Little Shop of Horrors, a take on the 1950s sci fi thrillers when almost anything could well up and eat you.


I guess that’s in keeping with Bed and Breakfasts–after all eating is a half of our Monicer. Or is it monicas? as in Harmonicas? It’s hard to believe that the same guys who wrote the music for Disney’s Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin—Howard Ashman and Alan Menken— started with this show. It’s inventive and well worth listening to, but I don’t know how many mothers would bring the little ones to see it.

Come on up. Summer is dwindling down and school up here will be starting shortly!


Wow, Check out KentPresents!

The rather pedestrian header on the KentPresents website says nothing of the totally beguiling, intriguing 60+ leaders cum presenters (a good half of them are 60+ themselves) spanning art, science, industry, theatre, politics–gosh, you name it. kentschool-w800Housed at the Kent School, in Connecticut about 12 miles south, southeast of Hilltop House, this “Idea Festival” as the organizers call it, will take place Thursday, August 13 through Saturday, August 15th. I’m just going to give you the link as you will want to scroll down to note the notables’ names and faces with their 8-10 word bios. It’s a bit pricey–$1950.00 but about 3/4 of that tab will fund the 501-C3 funding social and emergency services to low incomers in Kent and the surrounding areas. And that means Amenia too!  Don’t pass up the opportunity to check out their website: