‘Twas the Day Before uh oh!

It’s the day before Christmas and I must confess
There are so many things that are still yes, a mess
It’s not just the wrapping, the stuffing, and hiding
But back ‘o my head, is there room for abiding?

With Angels, and Shepards, and foremost the Child
Is there room at this Inn, when the world’s so darn wild?
I wonder what door-busters I must have missed
Sitting with grandchildren, helping a guest.

And why do we start throwing Pumpkins away
To string red and green after Hallowe’ens Day?
Thanksgiving is hardly the day it should be,
One of thanks, dah, and giving; not buying the Tree!

There must be a reason we wake in wee hours
To drive to the mall and stake out ALL that’s ours.
We push and we pull and stand shoulder to shoulder
To ward off the latecomers; who could be bolder?

I loved as a kid to drive out special nights
Our family together, enjoying the lights
And singing the carols that harkened His coming
Then going to church to sing more or just humming

An apple, an orange—a Florida treasure—
That made it to stockings and Christmas morn pleasure


Is there room at this Inn? I am asking us all
Do we find time to spread love? To answer the call?
Think less of BLACK—Friday’s hardly the reason
To get in the spirit of the Holiday Season.

Make room in your heart, and Hilltop will strive
To do more than just being, just staying alive.
We’ll cook up good cheer, we’ll fluff up real soothing,
And maybe our best will offset the abusing
Of Christmases Present, and set things to right…
Merry Christmas to all; and to all a Good Night.

Small porcelain Nativity

Make Room at the Inn



Infamy, and the Day by the Same Name

I decided to google my own town of Amenia, NY, in the Hudson Valley and see what if any events were listed. The site that came up didn’t do much on the events side, but provided a huge reminder that December 7th is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. That was huge for me in context of what is happening all around the world, and even in the US now (San Bernadino, CA). This was a major invasion of Democracy and nearly depleted the US naval forces in the Pacific. It marked the sea change of sea changes that got America off to war and with it, the men and women willing to fight. Any video footage from that day makes my heart tremble; the destruction was so massive.

I just want to say “thank you” to the men and women today, who serve our country in many ways to protect it and our rights. From the bottom of our hearts.