Take a Walk with a Llama!

Photo courtesy of Country Quilt Llama Farm

Photo courtesy of Country Quilt Llama Farm

Country Quilt Llama Farm and White Memorial Conservation Center (about 45 minutes from the inn)

The Llama walks are held at White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield, CT. Country Quilt Llama Farm is working together with the Conservation Center to offer the walks on any one of their 35 miles of walking trails. Llama Walks can be scheduled year around and all ages are welcomed. Please contact Debbie Elias at 860-248-0355
for rates and to arrange a walk.

Country Quilt Llama Farm is proud to offer over 20 years of experience in entertaining and educating people of all ages about llamas. In 1992, Debbie Elias, the owner of Country Quilt Llama Farm, started a children’s program called “Hooked On Llamas”. Children can pet the llama, then listen to the story “Is Your Mama a Llama?” Children learn the many uses of llamas and get to see llama fiber products which they can see and touch. Elias also developed Therapy program which does over 100 programs a year, where she takes her llamas to work with adults at rest homes and assisted living facilities and other Adult centers.

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From the Register Citizen:
“I started out as a breeding farm but I didn’t make a very good llama breeder because I had to sell the babies and I didn’t want to,” Elias said. While she didn’t have the heart to keep giving the new llamas away, she did have the ingenuity to find a way to create a new business with the llamas that utilized her admiration of the animals.”
Read the full article here: http://www.registercitizen.com/article/RC/20150215/NEWS/150219703

Photo courtesy of Country Quilt Llama Farm

Photo courtesy of Country Quilt Llama Farm

Country Quilt Llama Farm
Cornwall, Connecticut

White Memorial Conservation Center
80 Whitehall Road
Litchfield, CT

Directions to White Memorial Conservation Center