About Our Historic New York State B&B

We’re a big family, three generations of our children and grandchildren share the Hilltop House Bed & Breakfast! It might not seem so, because most are in an adjacent space and have grown up B&B-ified. It helps to make our house in the Hudson River Valley a home and fills each day with a real sense of purpose, caring and joy. We’re proud of that and the children who grace this house. Owning an inn has always been a dream of ours. We get up in the morning with breakfast to prepare, and we’ve gotten very good at it. Our guests aren’t afraid to ask for special breakfast wants, or needs. (You can request ahead of time, or try us. We probably have just what you need and want.) The rest of the day we sort out what needs to be done–the shopping, the laundry, cleaning–and it all comes down to making people happy. Ourselves included! Isn’t that what it’s all supposed to be about? We think so.