Hike the Hudson Valley and Beyond

Among the many reasons that people visit and stay here with us at Hilltop House, hiking would probably be one of the top three, and the Hudson Valley, with it’s numerous waterfalls and majestic mountain views and trails offers an array of choices from easy to strenuous and everything in between for seasoned and beginners alike. One of the few that we’ve been lucky enough to visit is  Dover Stone Church just ten miles south from our  bed and breakfast.  It’s an easy (one mile total) trail that starts out in a field and then a walk along side a stream to an opening that looks like an old church door where the waterfall comes thru the top. rock pathway with stream running along the right side in the woodscave with triangle opening and stream running over rocks with people inside cave

Head north about 20 miles to Bash Bish Falls in Copake, NY for an easy hike up a not so steep hill along a fairly steep edge that follows along the stream below. If you have young children with, you’ll want to keep them pretty close. I took my grandkids when the youngest was 7 and it was great. A sunlit opening awaits you at the top of the hill and steps down to the waterfall if you want to go down and see it up close.

I hear so often from our guests, no matter where they are visiting from, how beautiful the Hudson Valley is and I can’t help but agree. We absolutely love living here and we’re confident that you will love it too!  Book Now and hike the Hudson Valley soon! You’ll want to come back again and again because there are more hikes than you can possibly do in one visit. For more info click on the links below:

Hike the Hudson Valley

More hiking in the Berkshires

Two side by side waterfalls lake and people standing on rocks watching

Bash Bish Falls

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